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Walgrave Primary School


Welcome to Walgrave Primary School

School Aims and Ethos

At Walgrave Primary School we aim to inspire children to become enthusiastic and capable learners.

The school will work in partnership with you, the parents and carers to equip all our children with the core skills they will need to become learners in life.

We will work to enable al our children to develop the skills needed to reach their potential and aim to foster a love of learning to do so.

All our children are encouraged to be thoughtful and reflective, to understand their place in the world and to set themselves high standards both in terms of their commitment to work and discipline.

Your child will discover that learning takes place beyond the classroom, and value the opportunities offered by the wider community and other establishments as chances to learn.

Our children are encouraged to adopt a positive mindset and use determination and perseverance to overcome challenges – not seeing them as problems – and take pride in all that they achieve.

Walgrave Primary School is a place where laughter is often heard and making our school a fun place to be is central to our culture.

Julia Hyde | Executive Headteacher

Our School Vision

Through positive partnerships, our schools celebrate the unique brilliance of every member of our community.

Enjoyment is at the heart of our journey to achievement, independence and academic excellence.

Together we succeed.