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Sensory Circuits

Sensory Motor Circuit

A sensory circuit is a form of sensory integration intervention. It offers a short and snappy sensory motor skills programme.

It involves a sequence of physical activities that are designed to alertorganise and calm the child. The sensory circuit aims to facilitate sensory processing to help children regulate and organise their senses in order to achieve the optimum level of alertness and regulation required for a effective learning/ interactions. The circuit should be an active, physical and fun activity that children enjoy doing.

Sensory circuits are a great way to both energise and settle children so they can focus and engage better in the classroom or engage in activities within the community. Many children can benefit from attending a sensory circuit, even for a short period of time. The activities can also be utilised at different times of the day as part of a sensory diet to help the child regulate.

Sensory circuits are designed to start with alerting activities, move to an organising stage and then finally to a calming stage.

Doing the activities in the recommended order is vital. The right order results in a well-regulated, happy child. The wrong order may well result in a dysregulated, upset or irritable child and have the opposite effect.

Please click HERE for some excellent training relating to sensory circuits at home and find some other resources below.

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