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Walgrave Primary School

School Day

One of the things we are most proud of at Walgrave is that there is no such thing as a 'typical' school week.

Every day teachers seek opportunities to deliver learning in innovative and engaging ways (see our Twitter feed photographs for examples @WalgravePS followed by staff initials).

However, the school day broadly follows this structure:

8:50 The playground is open for children and parents. Children should come straight in to school and go to their classes.

9:00 The bell rings. All children are expected to be in school ready to start the day by 9:00. Morning registration is completed by 9:10.

10:25 Assembly. These vary depending upon theme and what day of the week it is. Some assemblies are in the afternoons. Usually they are an opportunity to share a core message with the children, react to recent events or to celebrate the work and achievements of the children both inside school and beyond.

10:45 Break time. Fresh fruit is provided for all children in Reception to Year 2

11:00 Break time ends and the children line up before returning to their classes for more learning

12:00 All children go out to lunch. Lunch takes place in the school hall, unless it is a sunny warm day when we may have picnic lunch for the children who have bought sandwiches. On Wednesday the children have the opportunity to go to The Royal Oak for a pub lunch!

1:00 Year 3 - 6 children return to class to start their afternoon lessons and activities

1:15 Reception to Year 2 children return to class to start their afternoon lessons and activities

3:15 The school day ends, children are shown out on to the playground by their class teacher and handed over to parents or carers. Children who either go home on the bus or go to our after school club are delivered by staff to their correct destinations! Teaching staff and Ms Hyde or Mr Pennington are usually available on the playground at the end of each day.