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Walgrave Primary School

Multiplication - Times tables

In the UK all children at the end of Year 4 complete the Multiplication Tables Check.  On a computer there are 'quick fire' questions to find out how well the children know their multiplication facts up to 12.

We are so proud of our children at Walgrave who have all done so well this year.

We would encourage children to be gradually learning their number and multiplication facts and have a few ideas for parents who would like to help their child practise at home.


Firstly start small .....

At the end of Year 2 we expect children to know their 2x, 5x and 10x facts.  They should be able to answer quickly (within 3 seconds) questions like 'What is 2 x 5?' or 'What is 8 x 10?'


At the end of Year 3 children should be able to quickly recall 3x, 4x, and 11x tables (in addition to 2x, 5x, and 10x). 


At the end of Year 4 children should be able to quickly recall all multiplication facts up to and including their 12x table. 


At school we do this in a variety of ways including using Maths Shed and TTRock Stars.


Here are some other resources that might be helpful for parents :






A printable coloured copy of multiplication facts up to 12: