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Walgrave Primary School



There is a pupil on roll at the school who suffers from severe anaphylaxis should they be exposed to nuts.  This can be life threatening.

For the benefit of those parents and carers who have started with us recently please avoid giving your children lunch with nuts and fish ingredients.

Food that includes nuts and fish commonly found in lunch boxes includes Nutella, tuna fish, most chocolate spreads and bags of dried fruit and nuts.

Please note this does not apply to food which is described as having 'traces of' these ingredients.

Kingswood Catering are aware of this and set their menus accordingly.

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Kingswood/POD lunches

Kingswood provide our school lunches for the whole school

The Kingswood lunches are currently free for Foundation and Key Stage 1 children, however there is a charge for Key Stage 2 children.

If you are receiving benefits and think your child may be entitled to free meals please look HERE.

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To request a username and activation code please contact the school office or email bursar@walgrave.northants-ecl.gov.uk.

To book your children's lunches and to pay use the link to ParentPay.