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Walgrave Primary School

Education Beyond the Four Walls

An important part of life at Walgrave is the opportunity to experience a whole range of activities outside of the classroom.

Your child will have the chance to experience many after school clubs and activities as well as many other extra-curricular events—designed to suit all tastes and interests.

In 2010 an Early Years Foundation Stage wild area was developed to extend opportunities for our youngest children to take their learning outside the classroom walls. In 2014 we added artificial grass to this area to ensure learning can take place outdoors all year round.

At least two school trips are organised per academic year for each child.
In Year 6, children enjoy a residential break at PGL in Lincolnshire.

Forest Schools

All of our children take part in 'Forest Schools' sessions throughout the year. These take place in the wild area to the rear of the school or the local woodlands. Through the activities taught, the children learn independence, problem solving and team work skills and a great deal about the woodland environment.

Recent sessions have included:

  • Den making for fictional monsters!

  • Tree identification based on keys and observations

  • The safe use of tools including saws and whittling knives

  • Fire safety and management


Your child will benefit from school clubs throughout the school year.

These vary seasonally to keep them fresh and interesting.

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Cricket

  • Gymnastics

  • Bikeability

  • French

  • Choir

And the list keeps changing as the school extends its links with the wider community.


Your child will also get the opportunity to learn a musical instrument as the following services are also provided:

  • Recorder

  • Violin

  • Brass

  • Guitar

  • Piano

To find out more about our music providers, please have a look on the NMPAT website. Click HERE to apply. Subsidies to the cost of music tuition are available. Please speak to us to find out more.